This is a topic which charities, as well as commerical  companies, frequently overlook. As the not for profit sector undertakes more service delivery for local or central government, the need to understand the contractual obligations that a charity is signing up to increase. All too often there is a wish to emphasise the added service delivery to end service users without any recognition of the increased risk to the charity.

The attached "illustrative contract review form" is a simple format which covers the standard needs in a contract. It should be modified to reflect the specific risk issues which arise in a charity's own area of operations.


If a health related charity is working with a PCT, it should not only check it complies with their public liability insurance requirements, which may be higher than for other service delivery contracts, but also carefully consider the process for resolution of end user claims. The writer had a client which was unaware that a PCT could settle any claims made by an end user without the involvement of the service deliverer, but still hold them liable for the financial settlement they had not participated in concluding. 

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