This website is sponsored by Service Industry Support ("SISL"), whose Director Brendan Connolly has undertaken numerous financial Interim Management projects for clients over the past twenty years.

Examples of interim management projects completed by Brendan include:




Undertaken various assignments for EEF, a £ 40 revenue not for profit organisation, including:

  • reviewed business plan of underperforming health screening business unit. Identified material limitations in client contracts, which precluded achievement of corporate business plan. 
  • retained to develop a Finance Manual post integration of 10 autonomous entities with £ 40 m revenue.  Project extended to review of IT access controls to "SUN” accounting & "Kontrola” "e” payables systems; recommended improvements to optimise data and process controls.


Four month assignment evaluating financial reporting systems and controls for £ 2 m charity operating three clinics for Primary Care Trusts ("PCTs”). Key deliverables:

  • implemented formal review system for PCTs contracts. Identified to Trustees historic control weakness and remedied £ 1 m shortfall in professional indemnity insurance. 
  • facilitated better communications between line managers, SMT and the IT function, to improve the  data collection regarding delivery of front line services. This enhanced the quality of internal information and the fulfilment of contractual performance reporting to PCTs.
  • simplified overly complex annual budget, so SMT & Trustees could readily comprehend & approve.
  • reviewed and revised overhead allocation system which was under allocating costs to restricted funds.
  • worked with operational managers and finance team to develop costing for alternative working methodology for three service delivery clinics, to support proposed revised strategy.


Retained to advise on improvements in working capital and financial controls in loss making consultancy. In addition to the financial turnaround and subsequent sale of the business, key achievements were:

  • investigated the Group’s financial position and secured continued support from Group’s bankers 1996 – 98.
  • worked with UK Board to develop strategy to turnaround the business, including (a) establishing reliable financial information (b) reducing headcount (c) reducing rent by £200 k p.a.  ü  participated in development of group strategy, working with regional MDs and Group Board. 
  • enhanced group financial reporting through regional finance teams based in USA, Singapore, UAE & UK, to support (a) better decision making (b) faster reporting, at both local and group level.
  • selected and implemented in UK bespoke job control & invoicing and finance systems (Access database & "Exact”) to support improved financial control and profitability.
  • implemented contract review process, to assist risk management in highly litigious industry.


Initial role was to restore financial control by implementing timely and accurate management reporting for £ 40 million turnover "new" university. Assignment extended to provide continuity whilst both Finance Director and Financial Controller recruited. Researched and implemented a new reporting standard ("SORP") for universities, as part of managing the year end close.  
INTERIM FINANCE DIRECTOR - The Social Investment Business ("TSIB”)

Principal subsidiary of a £ 90 m revenue charity, which administers various government funds targeted at the charity sector. 

  • Key deliverable was to generate thirteen year financial model to secure a £ 27 m endowment for the Community Builders fund from the Dept for Communities & Local Government. 
  • Reviewed and revised new business budgets prepared as part of income diversification strategy for SMT.

CONSULTANCY ROLE - Dance United (charity using dance to develop young people)

provided practical advice to a small finance team on various topics including budget presentation,  cash flow, revision of chart of accounts and upgrade of Sage accounting system.



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