Numerous organisations provide useful data online but they are probably too much for a busy finance person or Trustee to locate, let alone access. Charity Data Exchange was created to help address the problem, by seeking to identify the links we think are most useful.

This site  seeks to provide pointers to the sources we have found most useful. Inclusion of any sources does not imply others do not exist which are equally useful. 

See "topic groups" for the links, organised by category. Other topical matters are mentioned below.


A number of organisations provide them including:

  1. ICAEW charity and voluntary sector - available here
  2. ICAEW library - available here
  3. Chantrey Vellacott - various information available on request, including subjects attached here (1) governance  (2) Charities Act 2006 (3) financial responsibilities of trustees
  4. Sayer Vincent - their very helpful "made simple" guides are available here
  5. the same firm provides updates which are available here


All charities, regardless of size, should undertake a review of all service delivery contracts before approving their signature. It is too late to address once a contractual dispute has arisen. For detailed comments see "contract reviews".


Charities are required by the "SORP" to disclose them. Is the disclosure consistent or useful? Many charities list detailed costs, e.g. staff costs, without explaining what they represent. Could the guidance be improved? Could auditors be encouraged to insist on more effective disclosure?


Timely, Accurate, Relevant, Management Information". Easy to state the need but often more difficult to achieve. If you would like to discuss your charity's needs please contact , who has extensive experience of delivering TARMI (his concept and abbreviation) for a wide range of organisations, both for and not for profit.


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